Just some initial testing of the new shaders. So far they’re running smoothly.

New version of SEUS is ready for testing!

I’ll be checking it out and posting some shots.


Some notable changes:

-Puddles form when it rains, and it takes a few minutes to dry up after raining

-New procedural 2D clouds rendered directly in the sky and in reflections (transcending screen-space)

-2D cloud shadows. When clouds are covering the sun, direct sunlight dims

-Torchlight color is much more mellow and white-balanced

-New water surface rendering. No POM for now, but still looks much better than before

-Better specular highlights from sunlight when a texture pack with specular maps is used

-“smooth lighting” reverted back to old rendering mode. The native ambient occlusion due to smooth lighting should be more noticeable now

-Tonemapping adjustments

-Overall less harsh lighting outdoors”


Mountain Project #22.1

Alex’s amazing lake house complete with a rooftop balcony, games room and lakeside bbq area.


End of semester for University is rapidly approaching. GOTTA GO FAST! GOTTA GO FAST!

Gotta try to post more awesome minecraft too.

Windmill - Imgur

Windmill - Imgur




Amazing Lava Island I found in Minecraft


A little cottage.

Texture Pack: Halcyon Days
Shader: Chocapic13

I like those shaders

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Sorry for the lack of AWESOME screenshots the past few days. This tumblr is run by two University students who just had midterms and are now on reading week.

The one who posts all the crazy shader ones is currently away from his computer until Thursday and the other who posts the texture packs isn’t able to run shaders :C

Don’t worry! More pretty pixels for your eyeballs soon!


Mountain Project #16.3

Big and small towers.